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Online registration will be open and continue up until Thursday, September 3rd at 1:00 am. You are also welcome to come register in person at our “Registration Party” on Friday, September 4th from 6:00-8:00 pm at Keith’s Oyster Bar on the Cocoa Beach Pier.

401 Meade Avenue Cocoa Beach Fl

Beach registration will also be open at 7:00 am on Saturday, September 5th. You must be registered prior to the beginning of the preliminaries of the desired heat and a $10 late registration fee will be incurred.

Registration Rule of Competition

Surfers that register for a professional division are not allowed to compete in any amateur surfing. Surfers that register for a Pro Surfing division may surf in the Open SUP or SUP Ocean Race since we are only offering open divisions for SUP. Our policy is designed to allow for fair competition among surfers in the same skill range. This policy is not up for discussion. Thank you for understanding and please contact Savanna Pitard spitard@kidneyfla.org with any questions.

Pro Divisions

Division Age Group
$5000 Mens Pro Open
Mens Junior Pro 17 & Under
Womens Pro Open
Womens Pro Longboard Open
Mens Pro Longboard Open

Amateur Divisions

Division Age Group
Girls Pollywog Push in Only 9 & Under
Boys Pollywog Push in Only 9 & Under
Super Menehune Girls Paddle In 9 & Under
Super Menehune Boys Paddle In 9 & Under
Menehune Girls 10-12
Menehune Boys 10-12
Boys 13-14
Junior Womens 13-17
Junior Mens 15-17
Women 18-34
Men 18-34
Mens Masters 25-34
Senior Womens 35-44
Senior Mens 35-44
Grand-Masters Womens 45+
Grand-Masters Mens 45-54
Legends Shortboard 55+
Legends Longboard 55+
Junior Womens Longboard 17 & Under
Junior Mens Longboard 17 & Under
Womens Longboard 18-39
Mens Longboard 18-39
Senior Womens Longboard 40+
Senior Mens Longboard 40+
Stand Up Paddle Open

*Every competitor entered in the contest will receive one official NKF Surf Festival contest t-shirt after they have competed in their first heat. Competitors surfing in multiple divisions will only receive one free t-shirt no matter how many divisions they have entered to surf in*